Terms and Conditions


Eddie Aich maintains the sole copyright holder of any works covered by this Usage Policy. In no way does this Usage Policy transfer any copyright ownership of the music to you, only the ability to use it.


I will not be held accountable for any loss you experience from your content that uses my music including but not limited to: loss of income, profit, business, data, reputation.

False Copyright Claims

I will not be held financially accountable for any potential fraudulent use of my original music, resulting in false copyright claims on your content, such as re-distribution of my work under false names.

If you believe you have received a false copyright claim, provide the following information and I will help you as soon as possible:

Please include this information and complete this contact form Contact Form.


You may not use my music in any content that:

Any misuse of my music in the above contexts will be reported as copyright infringement and/or a content takedown request.